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Moog B.R.A. Flex 2.02


Cleans and siphons off the dirty water at the same time!
For 225/228 l-Barrels
The barrel cleaner H.S. Flex 2.02 can be connected to any commercial high pressure cleaner.
The three-dimensional rotating cleaning head reaches every corner inside the barrel.
At the same time a suction foot allows the dirty water, which accumulates during the cleaning process, to be siphoned off.
Technical Data
Angular gear motor 12VDC (adaptor 230V, 50Hz or 115V, 60Hz)
12W, 17 rpm.
Motor cover stainless steel
Sprayhead 37 mm
Equipped with barrel support, bunghole plug 37/66 mm (adjustable)
High pressure inlet M22x1,5 and dirty water outlet for connection of a
disposal hose 16 mm
Water distributor (2/3 for cleaning, 1/3 siphoning)2 nozzles 5°
(We recommend to use a high pressure cleaner with a min. output of 13 l/min)